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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Summer Fashion Ideas

The first picture is of the lovely K. of course.  I had to shoot some photos of her, looking as cute as she did in this outfit!  The highlights for me: The cozy but so cute skirt, the necklace (especially as it was purchased when she and I went to the East Lansing Arts Festival), and her amazingly natural, unruly, beautiful hair!  I also like that she has her glasses on.  They are quirky, cute, and can be professional when need be; just like K! 

This is a picture of my friend Kelsey that I took in Grand Rapids when she joined us in Calder Plaza for the Electronic Music Night.  She just looked so amazingly Boho, I had to document it. haha  I sort of wanted to steal it! ;)  My favorite part is the skirt and her hair.  Plus, just look at that face.  She has natural beauty that shines from the inside.  You can't buy that at a store.

These next two photos are of me.  They were taken while I was on my trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with my mom.  I am rockin' out a little bit of an edgier look for me.  I've got my leggings (that look like jeans), a black skirt from Goodwill, a cute tank top and sweater from Meijer, cute shoes with the word "Love" on them, plain white socks, big ol' sunglasses, and peace sign earrings from        the EL Arts Fest.

The best investment of the summer?  Maxi dresses.  Strapless, little straps, doesn't matter.  I can just throw it on (No bra, of course) and go!  And they look so pretty!  The one pictured above is just one of like... 6 or so.  I truly could wear an easy, breezy dress like this every day.  If you have the ability to sew, you can even make your own dresses like this in no time.  Plus, you can make short ones out of old pillowcases.  No joke! Pair it with a nice pair of moccasins (as seen here) and you have a quick, easy, beautiful, boho, outfit. :)

If you look closely, you can also see my purse and another bag.  My purse is a tote bag made of recycled materials that promotes my blog, and the other bag is a sweet tie-dye bag I got at the Garlyn Zoo in U.P.  You can always tie-dye your own bags too.