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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Modern Bohemians Love Fun Tights and Shoes

The great thing about Modern Bohemian Fashion is being able to mix and match, blend unlikely elements, make undesirable colors look gorgeous and luxe, and combine stylish fashions from the runway with vintage pieces from another time, new clothing from the mall, hand me downs, garage sale finds, Goodwill goodies, hand made items, costumes, and "altered" clothing.

One of my favorite clothing items (and a favorite of a lot of Modern Bohemian, Hippie, Free-Spirit types I know) is tights.  I love tights.  I wear them under skirts, dresses, shorts, even pants-especially those with holes in them.  This is partly because I am always cold, partly because I am not particularly fond of having to worry about having perfectly shaved legs all the time, partly because tights are stylish and easy to find in the store, and partly because it is a throw-back to my childhood.

When I was a kid, I hated tights.  I thought that they were constrictive, girly, and cute.  These were three things I did not like at the time.  I can't even tell you how many times I came home from elementary school with holes up and down the legs, dark brown mud stains and bright green grass stains adding a little added flair, or how many times I came home with them off-stuffed in my backpack like they were never a part of my outfit to begin with.

But my opinion has changed.  I like to be girly and cute, I like to be sexy too, and even though some brands of tights may be constrictive, I have found some great ones that feel like a cozy, second skin.  I love putting tights on with an outfit because I can be so versatile when I do.  And the tights I choose, depending on my mood, can change the entire feel of an outfit.  Fishnets make a different statement than a dark knit tight, and though both can be used tastefully, fishnets automatically win in the sex appeal department.  But that doesn't mean that a knit tight can't be sexy.  I pair my knit tights with knee high, black, high heeled boots and a cute denim mini skirt; I pair my knit tights with my long brown skirt and fake Ugg boots; and I even pair my knight tights with a cute dress and ballet flats.  Each outfit says sexy in a different way, but all of them say sexy if you wear them with confidence.

Shoes play a big part in all of this too.  The Modern Bohemian definitely loves shoes.  I have so many pairs that I don't really want to count.  Now, not all of these shoes are expensive.  Modern Bohemians are just as likely to have shoes from a dollar store or a dumpster dive as they are to have shoes from a major fashion label.  The main point is not how much the shoes cost, or who's name is on it- it's how you rock it!

I have added some pictures of shoes that I think work well with tights, but you have to decide for yourself what you think looks best.  As for me... I know what works for me, and that's why there's a post on this portion of the blog on tights and shoes. :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A New Season of Project Runway is Almost Here!

I love fashion.  I love it because it is fun, it expresses who people are, it is artistic, and it involves a lot of creativity.  So of course, I am a huge fan of Project Runway.
I have seen almost every season from beginning to end (only missing episodes here and there) and have rooted for many of the winners, as well as for some designers who didn't win.
Here are some of my favorites from past seasons:
Carol Hannah Whitfield
Carol Hannah did not win Project Runway, but in my mind, she should have.  Everything she makes is beautiful and she actually makes things that I think I could wear.  I like that.
Jeffery Sebelia
He was edgy and different, and he had a colorful past and a deeply moving life story, and he designed crazy clothes!  Some things I liked because they were innovative, some things I didn't like, but I could see his artistic vision, and some things I loved because they were unbelievable!  Watching his final runway show on Project Runway is an experience I will always remember.
Christian Siriano
What can I say about Christian except that he was FIERCE!  I loved watching Christian on Project Runway because he was young, creative, innovative, and incredibly funny!  Plus, some of his designs were just off the hook! Amazing.
Jay McCarroll
The original bad-ass of Project Runway, season 1's winner was not afraid to push the limits of fashion.  He made such cool stuff, and his final runway show was brilliant.  I loved the headphones so much!
Leanne Marshall
She was quiet, sweet, and in my opinion, underestimated.  But Leeanne won Project Runway, and it is because she is a fantastic designer.  My favorite part about her though, is that she is very connected with nature and natural things.  On her website, it says this in her bio:
"Leanne is inspired by nature, architecture, and modern innovation, all while creating beautiful, wearable pieces.  She incorporates eco-friendly textiles into over half of what she creates, with future plans to increase sustainability all while creating a prominent name in the fashion industry." -From Leeanne Marshall's bio, copyright: Leeanne Marshall, 2008-2009
I mean... that's pretty awesome!
Chris March
The crazy clothes, the wonderful laugh... Chris March was a favorite for me, not because I necessarily wanted him to win, but because it was undeniable he had talent... and he just seemed like such a nice guy!  His clothes were often over the top, costume-like, and a bit drag, but I liked it.  A little drama and flair never hurt anyone in the world of fashion! (Unless you count Bruno and his all velcro suit! haha)  Anyway, Chris was cool, and his journey was an interesting one to watch.

I know there's more, but there were the first that popped into my brain, so I think that they should be the ones featured on the blog. :)

I hope you liked my little stroll down Project Runway Memory Lane. Now remember to watch the new season!!

More Fun Winter Fashion From PonchoMeg: The Modern Bohemian


I love black and white photos.  They seem classic, classy, and creative.  Yes, this is me in all these photos.  You will notice, I am different in each one.  Each photo, to me, shows a part of my personality-through the expressions on my face, the way I did my hair, and even what I was wearing.

1. I have a soft, vulnerable, sensual and romantic look on my face.  I was actually looking off into a field outside of the window and day dreaming... Notice, I have no bangs in this picture.  They are pulled back and hidden, but that's cool, because it gives me added versatility.  As for clothing... I look naked!  But I am actually wearing a bright, patterned, square-neck tunic dress over skinny jeans. And a headband.  There is very little make-up going on here (or in any of these)... probably just mascara, eyeshadow, and lipgloss.  Maybe a little concealer under the eyes. But yeah... here's my soft side.

2. My lips seems tight and aggressive, but if you look at my eyes... they look a bit sad.  It's like someone who is lost or homeless but also has memory issues, so they know that they should be mad, because when they look around and see their situation, it's awful, but they are too confused, lonely, and sad to be angry.  Too deep?  I was actually feeling pretty hurt by a close friend when this photo was taken.  Hence the emotion I think.  I tried to hide it, so maybe you won't have noticed at first glance.  As for my hair: Well... you can barely see it.  I have the sweet yellow hat on.  But I will say, by this photo, it was starting to look more red.  I should explain...
Ever since I got my hair dyed dark brown, it has been turning red.  It's probably more red than brown now.  I don't get it!  Anyone have any insight here?  Why a blonde's brown hair is red? haha
Ah well... in terms of clothing in this picture, I am wearing a chunky "granny" sweater over my other clothing.  (Probably PJs of some kind...)

3. The smile!  A smile really can dress up any wardrobe, as long as the smile is smiled with confidence.  I love my smile, even if I do have a baby tooth that causes a small gap in my mouth that my tongue is always trying to sneak out through... that's okay!  Smiles show happiness, love, friendship, understanding, compassion, empathy, sympathy, humor, and kindness.  Good things!  My hair in this one is all BANGED out! haha I do love having bangs.  They need a trim right now, but I still love them.  And let's see... what am I wearing here? Ah yes! An off-white, body hugging tank top that peaks out below a different color off-white, cropped, sweater jacket. (And out of view, my long brown skirt and some WAY cute tights, of course!).  I love it.

I was inspired to share these pictures as guidelines, art, fashion, and as a healthy experience for myself as well.  Looking back at these photos stirs all sorts of memories in me... is not all superficial and surface level.  Sometimes, it unexpectedly cuts deep (In good ways and bad...) But yeah... it's pretty groovy.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Get Your Own Cloud Magic T-Shirts Today!

Cloud Magic t-shirts can now be purchased online at Michigan Shirt Works.  Check them out and maybe add a few to your Bohemian/Hippie/Free-spirited wardrobe. 

And for more information on Cloud Magic, check out my Squidoo Article on Cloud Magic, as well as Cloud Magic's Myspace Music Page.

And enjoy!
Peace and Love,