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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hippie Bohemian Fashion for Summer 2012

What am I all about this summer? Well, a lot of the same stuff I'm always about: cool jeans, tie-dye, handmade & vintage items, moccasins, boots, tights, amazing dresses, etc.
But I feel a need to be classic & refined & slightly modern... in my own crazy bohemian way. {WINK!}

Here are some Amazon finds that represent some of my fashion ideas for Summer 2012. (For now.)

And here's me w/ GIANT hair rocking out my "Birthday Dress."

I love this dress too! It's hard to see, but it is lovely. It's the purple & the other bright colors & patterns I love! I am WAY into bright colors & patterns this summer! Of course, the best accessory here is my adorable nephew!

I just bought another amazing dress at JC Penney too with a gift card I had. I can't find it on the website, so I'll try to get a pic of me in it soon! 
They do have a ton of other dresses I want though too!! Check them out:
(I get nothing for promoting their dresses. I seriously just really like them & want all my boho-babes running around in them with me this summer!)

Though dresses definitely are my dominant clothing choice this year, there is more to Hippie Bohemian summer fashion than dresses.

Check out this outfit I wore onstage when I performed with my friend Jory.
It's a little hard to see, but I'm rocking some AMAZING hippie pants, a fitted shirt (with flirty accents), & long earrings with feathers & beads.

Obviously... I'm pretty into letting my hair be wild & free. 
Other great hairstyle ideas for summer besides wild & free long hair include:

  • A short cut you can mess around with all day & manipulate with gels & creams. Something spunky, edgy, or rocker-like.
  • Braids, braids, & more braids! Wear a braid like a headband, have a random braid in amidst your hair when you wear it down, put all your hair into one loose braid down your back, etc.
  • Pigtails, Princess Leia buns, Pin-up hair, overly elaborate hairstyles, hairstyles from around the 1880s-1920's or so, etc. Be vintage. Be modern. Be creative. Be daring!

When it comes to accessories, the best bets are hoop earrings or long, dangling earrings with lots of artistry to them, a stunning "centerpiece" kind of necklace, or a big, bold ring. (Think gaudy, vintage, costume jewelry. MY FAV!)

I found these sweet asymmetrical earrings on Etsy:

You can buy these (& other sweet stuff) from Mia Montgomery on Etsy.
Too cool.

Well, that's all for now. I'll add more later.
But before I go... a little shameless plug.

A great accessory for the beach or anywhere you go this summer is definitely:

My sweet little book of poetry. It is now available on Amazon:

as well as through my Createspace Store:

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Thanks for stopping by. Come back soon to see what other fashion finds I will... find, this summer.
Peace & Love,


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